Saturday, 21 March 2009

What I think about my job

Someone once told me that that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This appeals to me in a couple of ways.

Firstly, as we all know, the world of advertising and communication is changing. You can’t just shout at a bunch of people and hope that some of them hear you. Of course being heard is important, but saying something relevant in a way that is engaging and stimulating is just as crucial. Which doesn’t just mean coming up with a witty headline*, but thinking strategically and using the full range of technology that’s available to us.

Secondly, the statement above resonates with how I work - specifically ‘being creative’. Sitting at the same desk, looking at the same wall (or if you’re lucky, out of the same window) isn’t going to inspire new thinking. Change scenery. Do something different. Swap seats with Joan on reception. Visit an old people’s home, whatever. It’ll breed more effective results in the end. (Joan, for example, is now Head of Art.)

*Don’t get me wrong, I love witty headlines as much as the next Art Director harboring desires of being a copywriter.

"The Great Eggscape" Creme Egg game

I did this game for Creme Egg. It’s fun, play it here.