Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Talk to me BBC. Or at least tweet to me.

So I follow the BBC and the BBC Sport on Twitter. They don’t tweet back to me. They don’t seem to tweet back to anyone. It’s the headline or the first line of copy from the article. Is this how I am going to consume news from now on? The first 140 characters of any article is all I seem to need to know about any given chunk of newsworthynews. I never click on the link to read more.

They could do more couldn’t they? John Snow at least comments ON the news rather than just tells us what the news is. Richard bacon invites debate about the content of his radio show.

Maybe we don’t really want them to tweet back. We like them being the faceless corporation. And maybe people do click on the link and read more. But they will get left behind on Twitter as more people follow more people. I see them as a bit spammy sometimes. Getting in the way of more interesting unpaid journalists in the tweetersphere. Will I unfollow though? Nah, probably not. But I might.